September 2, 2008

Before the Rain

Now that Hurricane Gustav is planted firmly over us we are getting DRENCHED!!! But before the rain came we had lots of fun in the sun!

It started as just playing outside, but then Brian got the hose out, and then I suggested the sprinkler, and Jack was in heaven! He had so much fun!

He ran around and around, in and out. His faces were great!

After the sprinkler, Brian made a mud puddle for Jack, and he loved that too. I tried to get him to pick up some mud, but he just wanted to splash.

Look at that muddy booty! :)

Then Daddy hosed the little man down and stripped him down and we went inside for Jack FAVORITE thing---A BATH!!!! So he had a big morning--and then he took a good long nap!


Crystal Garcia said...

That looks awesome!!! Is it acceptable for adults to run around and around through sprinklers?

Brian, Christina, and Jack Chisholm said...

I think it is...I really wanted to join Jack in the water, but nobody needed to see a BIG Ole wet pregnant woman I resisted! :)