September 2, 2008

How Distressing!

I have a new love--distressing and painting furniture, frames, or anything that I can pin down long enough!!!! YEAH!

Have I mentioned that I'm nesting yet??? Yeah, I thought I had--My name is Christina and I am a crazed nesting mother.

But since we have pretty much what we need for the baby, and I can't buy any gender-specific items yet, I've been focusing my nesting on the common areas of the house. We have not hung anything on the walls and we've been here for over a year, but now I'm planning BIG things for our walls and I'm so excited!

One of the big things came from a picture in a decorating book I bought for a dollar at a garage sale--SCORE! The pic was of an arrangement of rustic painted frames. So I drew out an arrangement of different sizes of frames for Brian to build, we used my awesome Lowe's gift card to buy wood, and he built 8 handmade wodden frames for me!!!! My man is the greatest!!!!!!!! :) Then I used pliers, a wrench, and some sandpaper to "distress" them. After this step my awesome man had to reinforce a few of the frames because I got a little carried away and they started falling apart! Oops! Then I painted them various colors and then made a wash with black and brown paint and water that I wiped over them. It was soooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the frames! I can't wait to put pictures in them and hang them on our dining room wall! I'm enamored with them! :)

Here's the whole line up. I love them all in their own special way...except that bright blue one on the left end---he has perplexed me and I'm still trying to figure out his color.

These above are my 2 favorites--I think.

And these two are so beautiful! Brian decided to make a couple out of cedar and they came out fabulous!


Alison said...

I love all of the creative things you do! So inspiring!! And congrats on being dialated 1 cm! He/she's almost HERE! AWESOME!!

Crystal Garcia said...

love them! Ok, so i just noticed that my name on your blog roll is "Ceej." That means so much...I think it's catching on.