November 1, 2008


Each day it seems that I love and appreciate our family more and more. It's still a little weird that there are four of us, but it feels so right and good too. Lord willing we want to have more kids, but right now we love where we are. And we love love love love love our little ones!
The picture above is what a typical evening at our house is like. Brian holding Ali Grace while reading a book to Jack. Ali Grace is definitely a daddy's girl. When Brian puts her on her shoulder like this she falls fast asleep within minutes. He's so sweet with her! I think that Jack and I have a special connection too--he just gets me every time. He makes me laugh constantly--unfortunately at times when I'm trying to be stern and discipline him too. :)


Anonymous said...

Ali Grace looks like she is looking at the book too. They are so adorable.

Nana and Papa

Alison said...

your family is so sweet :)