November 11, 2008

TWO months old!!!

Ali Grace is already two months old! The past two months have been the fastest of my life!!! And they've been sooooo good!

Ali Grace is getting so big so fast! She's really starting to fill out and get little rolls and creases and chubbiness! I love it! She is still eating really well, and she goes 5 to 6 hours between feedings at night pretty consistently now, which is fabulous! She makes the sweetest little cooing and sighing sounds and she has the prettiest smile I have ever seen! OH that smile! :) We're having lots of fun with her, and enjoying watching her grow and change.

Here she is during one of her many "wardrobe changes" of the day. The girl spits up like crrrazy!

Big Brother Jack and Little Sister Ali Grace hanging out. (This was right after Jack tried to lay back on top of Ali! It's definitely tricky negotiating him around her sometimes.)

Laid out! Brian doesn't like this shirt, every time she wears it he says that what it says just is not true. So that's my disclaimer--but I think it's cute.

Sadly we haven't taken that many pictures of Ali Grace, so she's a little unfamiliar with the flash--she did pretty good though--she's so sweet!

I love the little smirk she's making in this one.

And here she is after a quick "wardrobe change".
Look at that smile! Awwwwwww!


Crystal Garcia said...

awww. I love her. so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ali Grace is growing so fast. We can't believe she's 2 months old already, and Jack is so big now and he's not a baby anymore. We love ya'll.

Hugs and Kisses to all 4 Chisholms.
Nana and Papa

Jared and Brandy Verwiel said...

such a sweet girl! i'm sure you guys are having a blast with those 2.

Alison said...

so cute !!!

Rachel Kieffner said...

What a precious little boy and girl. I know you are enjoying them. I wish we could get our little families together sometime; I know Brennen and Jack would have a blast together!

April said...

Hi Christina,

You are the winner of the Dave Ramsey book. And I want to eat all that delicious toddler pudge you have going on at your house. Such sweet babies.

Josh and Erin said...

she is soooo cute!!! :)