April 10, 2009

Easter Pictures

While we were in Madison for my Mom's birthday, we had the kids' portraits taken, and I love the way they turned out! It was pretty hectic, and at the time I just knew they didn't get any good shots, but they DID! We sure do love these little ones! Praise God for them!

My favorites are of course the ones of them together and the seperate ones of them in the white chairs. I also love the close ups of Jack with the black background, and the bathtub ones of Ali Grace!
The last one of Jack was taken to match a picture of my dad taken when he was about 2, they look a lot alike, and we're going to have the pictures framed together.


Elizabeth Bodin said...

I love these pics!!
I miss you and love you!

Alison said...

What cute kids! Love them!!

Tricia said...

Oh my goodness, look how they've grown. Absolutely beautiful Stina!