February 9, 2010

So I'll Remember

It amazes me how much I've forgotten from when Jack, and even Ali Grace, was teeny. So in an effort to keep track of what they are like and who they are at each little stage, I want to post more about those little things--and big things that they do everyday. That is one of the main reasons I started this blog anyway.

Our big boy is busier than ever! He is changing daily into more and more of a boy and less of a baby! (Yes, I know he's almost three! THREE!!!) He is adamant that he is NOT a baby--but a big boy! He loves to play with his trucks, cars, and train set. He also pretends a lot--mostly having to do with hunting and crashing cars and other "boy things". It is hilarious how no matter what he's playing with--a torn up tortilla or broken crayons or actual bought toys-- crashes, bangs, and general mayhem always breaks out! He is such a little boy! He's starting to take on the big brother role too--as far as picking on Ali Grace goes anyway. He picks, pinches, pulls, and aggravates her like crazy. He's getting more independent too. He always wants to "do it by myself".

His likes: Screaming, running, guns, movies, going to church, yogurt, fruit, crackers, sausage, baths, watching hunting with Daddy, dancing wildly, laughing.

His dislikes: Going to the potty, sleeping, eating veggies, having his toys messed up by Ali, sharing.

Some of his latest catch phrases are:
Using "we" instead of "our"-- "Let's say we prayers." or "That's we house."
"I want to help toooo Mommy!"
"That mine!"
"How was your day, Daddy?"
"I's fine."
"That's my baby sister."
"Thank you Mommy for...cleaning up, cooking..." SO SWEET!
"I wanna watch Spiritathawild" (Spirit of the Wild)
"I sit wit you Mommy."
"Let's shide from Daddy!" (hide)
"I's a fast runner Mommy!" Yes Jack you ARE!

As far as milestones go, we're still slowly working on potty training. He'll go when we put him on the potty, but he will not tell us he has to go, or say yes when we ask if he needs to. We're hoping to get him to wearing diapers only at nap time and at night by thte time the new baby arrives.


This little girl is one of a kind and we are all just smitten with her. It seems like her little personality just gets bigger and bigger every day! She will we 17 months old tomorrow, and I can't imagine our life without her in it. She is hilarious!!!!! Drama is always right around the corner with her--crying, thrashing on the floor, pouting, screaming--all of it can start one second and then be over and done the next. She is definitely a girl! She loves to read! He favorite book has been a "My first Dictionary" for some time now. She loves the pictures, and wants to know "what's dat" through the whole book--and the whole day for that matter. She's very smart too--she can say a TON of words, and will name things in books like helicopter, baby, hat, bear... She is quite demanding and LOUD!!! If she's in her crib awake for too long she will yell, "Come ON!" She's just starting to play on her own some and it is sooo precious! I love just watching he when she doesn't know it. Earlier today she sat down on the floor, put a basket on her head and proceeded to feed her stuffed dog from a pot and cup. I was dying! She also has become a big copy cat--when the mood strickes her (usually during meal times) she does EVERYTHING that Jack does--finger up her nose, banging on her tray, shaking her head...etc.

Her current catch phrases are:
"I want....Daddy, Jack, Mommy, to draw, cracker, milk, TV, and everything else you can imagine."
"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"
"What's dat!!!?"
"Dogs!" She loves to look for the neighborhood pack out the front window.
"Papa!" She looks at a picture with him in it all the time.
"I talk! I talk!" When I'm on the phone she always has to talk.
"O Kaaaaay Mommy/Daddy."
Saying no when she means yes--such a girl!

Her likes: Copying Jack, being loud, her pacifiers, fruit, yogurt, crackers, drawing, dogs, babies, talking, reading, running,talking on the phone, baths, being dramatic, dancing in Mommy's or Daddy's arms.

Her dislikes: Being told no.

She has hit a bunch of major milestones in the last few months--walking, talking, all that big stuff. She's running and making little sentences now. Who knows what will come next with her!!! Our funny girl!

I am very very very interested to see, first whether we're having a boy or girl, and also, how he or she will fit into the craziness that happens here every day. I honestly don't know how the baby will EVER sleep b/c these 2 are soooo loud! It's going to be interesting for sure! :)

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