February 24, 2010

Making Progress

Get ready for lots of pictures!!!

Last weekend my Mom, sister, and I went on a little "junking" girl getaway and I picked up a ton of loot! Now, usually, said loot will sit around unpacked for a while, then gradually drift into random piles around the house and in the laundry room, and eventually maybe if it's lucky get worked on halfheartedly for a little while. Usually my loot doesn't see the light of day in the way I envisioned it at the store--but lately I have been DETERMINED!!!! Determined to turn this builder's beige box into something I like, and maybe even love, and do it somewhat inexpensively. So here are my first bits of progress. And I must say I really really like how it's coming out so far.

The Loot:
Lots of candles, a basket, an old lamp, some metal medallion things, a knob and some coatsters from Anthropologie, a bucket, a pitcher, and some fabric to cover the tons of pillows that my Mom dug up for me. I also got 3 quarts of paint, a "priceless" side table, and a few other little things. It was all pretty disjointed and random.

Below is the "priceless" table. I bought it at a flea market on Hwy.49, the type with different booths. My mom and I found it and each assumed that the other examined it closely, when neither of us actually did. So as we loaded it into our car we noticed how cheap/shabby/not worth the money I paid for it, it was, but it was too late. So I had a lot of buyer's remorse, and Brian has ragged me A LOT about it, but oh well. We now have a cheap/shabby/too expensive/but now sorta cute side table. I painted it a greenish-blueish color that was BAAAAD as you can see below. It was very early-nineties seafoam green! UGH! Then I repainted in white, and now it's pretty cute.

And here are all of the afters: Some things are still in progress. I want to put something in the bucket on the side table, but I'm not sure what. I want to add something to the painting over the shelves, again, I don't know what. And the window treatment is OK--I just used leftover fabric from the pillows and some ribbon I had, it'll do for now.

I'm really happy with the progress I've made in the past couple weeks, and I hope I'll be able to make more in the next few weeks. If anybody has any suggestions about what to put in the bucket or to add to the painting let me know.

Some projects I am looking forward to are putting some iron on letters and designs on the canvas pillows and painting something to go between our front door and the window. We're also going to start looking for a new couch and chairs. Maybe a dark brown couch--I think the pillows will go well with that.


Crystal Garcia said...

Seriously pretty! great job, junker.

Ashley said...

I like your little white table! I like the knob you chose as well! I don't think you can go wrong with a thrifted piece painted white and an anthro ornament!

gail@myrepurposedlife.blogspot.com said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words.(about my media center and all my hard work)
Love that little table you redid! and the pillows! great work

Elizabeth B said...

Great work sis! You are so talented! The table turned out good and so did the pillows! I will have to look at the artwork to see what we could add to it.
Love you bunches and bunches!