March 23, 2010

Jack is THREE!!!!!


I can't believe it, but our baby boy is THREE YEARS OLD!!!! His birthday was yesterday and we did a few little things to make it special.

I think he had a great day!

His Birthday banner. He was surprised when he woke up and this was on the wall in the living room.

Silly boy acts like he doesn't like taking pictures.

The kids helped me make and decorate the cake which was an adventure. Not many pictures of the process b/c it's HARD controlling them and taking pics too! Imagine! :)

They LOVED it!!! Especially the frosting! YUM!

The finished cake on our family birthday plate {crooked--oh well!} :)

Birthday boy enjoying his special supper--hot dogs, french fries, and pickles.

THREE Candles.

Blowing out his candles.

Jack was very excited about the inside of his cake. He picked the colors blue and green and we split the cake batter, dyed it, and then poured it all in to bake. It came out really cool.


Ali Grace agrees!!!

More cake eating.

Our birthday boy!

He's getting so big! It seems like he's changed a lot just in the last few weeks. He really enjoyed all of the birthday calls he received--he got to talk to lots of people he loves and that love love love him! (And you better believe that Ali Grace talked to every one of them too! The girl already loves to talk on the phone!)

We love this big boy! And we're so thankful that God blessed us with him as a son!


Alison said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Can't believe he's already 3! You're such a great mom, Christina!!

Josh and Erin said...

aw so sweet! happy belated birthday Jack!!! : )