March 24, 2010

A Visit

A couple of weeks ago my parents and sister came to stay with us while Brian was out of town. The kids were sooooo excited about them coming! Ali Grace was excited to see Papa--she looks at a picture of him all the time. And Jack was ready to help Papa set up the TV they were bringing to us. So from the time that they arrived the kids were pretty much in heaven. As were my parents and Elizabeth.

We hung out, ate a lot, went to Little Rock, and did some fun craft projects. (And they all spoiled the kids to no end!) It was really fun! I wish we lived closer so we could do this more often!

One of Ali's favorite things--reading. Those cheeks and lips are too cute!

Papa got anything and everything that Ali Grace wanted. Here he's getting her dressed to go outside. He got her pants on and then realized that the shirt I had out for her was a onesie--hahaha--he griped about it a little, but did it all in the end. ANYTHING for Ali Grace! She seriously has him wrapped around her finger--bad!

Jack goofing off--not wanting to take pictures.

Another of Ali Grace's favorite things is swinging. She could do this for hours.

Sweet girl.

What a face! This girl can reeeealllly give some looks. She can even raise one eyebrow and look at you like you're crazy. She gave my Mom a look like that and my Mom just about died laughing! She couldn't believe it! I don't know where she gets it from!!!

Jack in his tower. So cute!

Play play play.

Jack is so funny--he'll climb up here all by himself, but he REFUSES to go down the slide. I think it still scares him. Ali Grace, however, has no problem at all with it, she'll do it again and again. It constantly amazes me how different they are!

Ali Grace and Papa again. These two were together a lot over the weekend. They are so sweet!

While my parents were here we went to Little Rock on Saturday to do a little shopping. There is a semi-annual event called Rhea Lana there and my sister and I went to get some great deals on clothes for the kids. If you've never heard of it, you should definitely check out Rhea Lana--I know they have them all over Arkansas, and there's one in South haven, MS. It's a HUGE consignment event that women from all over the area bring clothes, furniture, baby items, toys, and all kids of things to. Their items are in great condition and are very well organized! I went to one in the Fall and this was my second one. It took me 2 hours by myself the first time, and only one with my sister helping this time, to navigate through all the clothes, get some good deals, and check out. Both times I've spent around $100 and bought both kids several core pieces for the season (about 20 items in all that would have cost me at least 3 times that retail). Some of the items I bought even still had tags on them. Anyway...all that to say, if you have one near you I highly recommend Rhea Lana!

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Crystal Garcia said...

She gets it from me. Ali Grace gets her looks from her Aunt Crystal.

I'm family, right?