March 7, 2011

During Part 1: DEMO!!!!

The first order of business was of course to get rid of as much of the 70's as possible! Brian ripped out, took off, and tore up everything that we didn't want, starting with the carpet.

After finding out that the lovely wall oven didn't work, the glass on the oven door was cracked, and the dishwasher was going to have to come out to paint we decided to take them all out and start over.

I am using the word "we" very loosely, since Brian has done 99.99999% of everything in the house. :) However, a couple of weeks into the demo my dad and I were able to go up to help Brian clean and clear up all of the debris. We also got to wash down all of the walls and cabinets to get ready for painting.

Originally I wanted the desk just chopped off even with the wall behind it, but once Brian got started cutting there was no way any of it would work so now the whole thing is gone. And it looks so much better now.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh No more carpet! And no more disgusting 30-year-old drapes.

The drive through window is on it's way out.

The front room lost its lovely drapes too.

Here's the master bathroom after taking down a huge 3 part medicine cabinet framed in gaudy goldish metal. We're thinking about keeping the light fixture, it is an antique after, nevermind.

We had to take all of the shower wall tile because a lot of it had leaked behind to the sheetrock. This is all that's left.

Next post I'll put up pictures of some of the new construction, and that will get us almost to what it looks like now.

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