March 12, 2011

We Have Floors!!!

My dad and I went to Starkville to help Brian today and it was great getting to see the house! Brian already had the living/dining room floor done, so I got a great view of what the wood looked like in the rest of the house. He did a great job and I'm in love with the way it all looks!

Workin hard.

Dad used one saw to cut the baseboards and shoe moulding, while Brian used the other to cut the floorboards to fit. They got a ton done! I, on the other hand, helped here and there and took some great pictures. :)

Brian laying the floor.

Brian also had the foyer done when we got there. Lookin' goooood!

I helped Brian do the playroom floor. I love how the floor makes the rooms look so finished!

And here's the living room lookin' great!

The next things on Brian's list are laying the floor in the bedrooms, finishing the baseboards and shoe moulding, and putting the shower surround in. After that there's a little tiling, some more painting, and switching out of faucets and lights, some finish work and we're DONE! Can't wait!

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