April 7, 2007

Jack Allen Is Here!!!

"But I have trusted in Your mercy; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the LORD, because He has dealt bountifully with me."
Psalms 13:5 &6

As the previous post said, Jack was born on Thursday, March 22, at 11:19 a.m. at Oktibbeha County hospital. Everything went really well with the labor and delivery and both he and I had no complications, Praise God! The hospital stay was good, it was hard to get rest there, but other than that the nurses and everybody were great.
We went home on Saturday, the 24th to a house full of excited family. Grandpa and Grandmamma Chisholm, Aunt Amanda, Nana and Papa Bodin, Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Michael were all very excited! Since then, Brian, Jack, and I have all been doing great. My mom stayed with us for a week to help out, and so many people have brought by food and offered to help. We are so blessed to have great friends who love us!
Jack is growing and thriving! He had his 2 week check up on Thursday and he had gained over a pound since going home. He's eating really well and sleeping pretty well. We're all getting adjusted to our new life. It is a BIG change, but it is so great! I am just now realizing that we are a family now and that we are parents, and what that really means! It's amazing and so unbelievable! We love Jack more and more every minute! He is the cutest, most perfect baby ever born! (In our opinion.) Praise God for our son!
Hopefully I'll be able to post again sometime soon. We are so busy, and it's hard to get away long enough to do all this, but we'll see. We still have lots coming up, we're moving in three weeks! Rison here we come!
Pray for us and little Jack as we get ready for another big change.


Jared Verwiel said...

He is precious!!! J-rock says, "Jack's a cutie...y'all make some cute babies." We will be in prayer for you guys during this transition with moving and everything. Again...that boy is beautiful.
Bran and J-Rock

The Overstreets said...

He's perfect! I love both of these pictures!!

Betty Knoll said...

Jack is a beautiful baby! We are so happy for you, Christina, Brian, Nana and Papa Bodin, Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Michael!

You are just beginning a lifetime of joy with him.

Love, Aunt Betty and Uncle David

Tricia said...

how wonderful Christina! Congratulations to both you and Brian! he's so precious! I'm still trying to get your cell phone number, as I'd love to talk! You can post it on my facebook wall!
(p.s. i had to sign in with my future email)

BetsyB. said...

Jack is so beautiful! We can't wait to see him this weekend. Nana and Papa are so 'In Love'with this little guy and want to spend as much time as we can with him as he grows up.
Arkansas here we come! We will be tearing up the roads between here and there in the years to come.
Nana and Papa

nchiz said...

Jack is so sweet and beautiful. His grandpa and I are so proud of him. We think his parents are pretty special too. We love you.
Grandmamma and grandpa