April 25, 2007

One Month Old!

Jack is now exactly one month and three days old! WOW! It has flown! He is doing really really well. He is still eating well, though he falls asleep and I have to continually keep him awake, and he's doing great going to sleep at night. Mom and Dad are also doing well, we have survived a whole month of sleep deprivation and crazy hormones, so that's a huge Praise! Jack is doing all sorts of amazing things now. He smiled at me yesterday and made me cry it was so sweet! And he can follow objects in an arch 180 degrees, which is cool. He's being very vocal too--cooing and making all sorts of funny sounds, we've had several deep conversations. And he is a thinker like his Dad tha's for sure! The faces he makes as he contemplates everything are precious! We Love him sooooo much!

We are almost to Moving day! Three days to go. Brian, Kane, and hayden took a load of stuff on Sunday and this Saturday we're taking everything else. Brian loved staying in our house and said that he's so excited to be there for good with me and Jack. The guys had a great time and loved Rison--i knew they would. Hopefully they'll get to come visit a ton in the future. We're excited and nervous and ready and not ready and all kinds of other emotions right now. I'm just looking very forward to things slowing down for a little while once we get settled. All in all, things a great and we are soaking it all up trying to really appreciate this time.

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