April 13, 2007

More of Jack!!!!

Jack is now three weeks old! I cannot believe that in a week he will be a month old already! Time is flying as everyone said it would.
We are all doing great. Jack is growing and starting to get little fat rolls that are precious! We still think that he is the most perfect baby EVER! He has started trying to roll over a little bit and can make it to his side really well, but he hasn't quite gotten all the way to his tummy yet. He makes the cutest and funniest faces all the time, especially right after he eats! i love it! He continues to surprise us with showers when we change his diaper, we haven't quite figured out how to see that coming yet. :) he is a really good baby, and doesn't cry much unless he's hungry or wet. He's eating like a champ and is very healthy.
Daddy and I are getting more and more used to the getting up every three hours during the night, although I have started sorta sleep walking when it gets near time to get up and feed Jack. I get up and start getting everything ready for feeding and then realize that we have another hour until it's time. Then I get mad because I woke myself and Brian up, but then i get over it and go back to sleep. So that's been interesting and somewhat funny.
This weekend we are on our first little trip. I say little, I made out a HUGE list and started packing for this on Wednesday. Jack has two bags and a few other big items while Brian and I have a tiny bag each! It's hilarious how things change! And it took us major planning this morning to get out of the house. But I love stuff like that, so it was fun! And we only forgot one or two minor things! So yeah us! Right now we're in Madison visiting my parents and sister and tomorrow we're going to Yazoo City to see Brian's grandmamma. My aunt and twin cousins were here this afternoon to see Jack, that is who is in the pics above. He is getting sooo spoiled! He barely slept today with all of the attention! I think he went from one person's arms to another's the entire day. And tomorrow will be no different I'm sure! He is very very very loved, that's for sure! Praise God! We're all excited about tomorrow, but Brian's grandmamma has been counting down the days! She cannot wait to meet her great-grandson! It's going to be wonderful! I'll be taking tons of pictures, and hopefully posting them soon.

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Elizabeth Bodin said...

I was so happy to see you, Brian, and Jack this weekend. He is prefect in every way! I MISS YOU!! Love you, Elizabeth aka Aunt Besa