October 3, 2007

Three Chisholms Update

We're doing really good! Staying busy with football games, church, friends, work, and play. We're learing more and more about our new little town, like how serious they take highschool football, (I heard a story from a friend about how his senior year the team wasn't very good and they players got death threats! WHAT???), How everybody knows everything, (Brian's friend Jax is staying here and one of our friends stopped by the house to see him the other night. He knew it was Jax's truck b/c it was parked in a different spot than where Brian usually parks. WOW!), and of course how great the people are, (We were given some home-made Muscadine jelly as a thank you for feeding our friends' cat, invited to go to the pumpkin patch with a group of families, and invited to a big halloween party all in the last couple days.) All kidding aside, we love our town, and all of the people, despite their football fervor.
Jack is doing soooo great! He is growing like crazy! Sometimes I look at him and it looks like his little chubby rolls have multiplied and he's gotten twice as big in about 5 minutes! He is rolling all over the place. He now rolls across the living room and into the kitchen if we don't catch him in time. He especially loves to roll under the coffee table and play. He's eating really well, he loves every kind of food we give him!
A couple weeks ago we had a rough time--he would not sleep unless we were holding him! Try as I might to explain it away, the bottom line is that he is spoiled! So we had to resort to the horrid cry it out method! AHHHHHH! The first night he cried for 45 minutes before suddenly falling asleep, leaving us frazzled, guilt-striken, and scared to go back to sleep at 2 a.m. The second night I think he was getting revenge--he cried for an hour and a half!!!!!! We tried everything to get him to stop, and finally just had to let him cry. Then suddenly he was asleep. That night I was contemplating just holding him while he sleeps until he leaves for college. It was horrible! But since then he has been great! It's a whole new world when you get a good night's sleep consistently! He still cries some, but not much, and I feel a little better because I can tell myself that he's not THAT spoiled anymore! (suuuuuuure!)
Brian is working really hard. The plant is just about at full operation and he has 5 or 6 guys working for him now. It gets stressful sometimes, but he likes it and he's doing a great job!
I have been keeping busy decorating and rearraging Jack's room. It is so fun! I have about a gazillion ideas for his room and about oh, zero for the rest of the house. Why is that? You'd think that the baby-centered thoughts could pause for long enough to let some other topics in, but no! But really, I'm doing great and having a blast with Jack every day! He is so much fun at this age! Yes, I have accepted the fact that I am a full-blown, overprotective, reading child rearing books, fantasizing about mini-vans, doesn't notice the huge baby food stain on her pants, does the lick-your-finger-and-wipe-the-kid's-face-thing, can't talk about anything but her child, card carrying MOMMY! AND I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Mike, Alison, & Benjamin said...

All of these new pics of Jack are ADORABLE! Glad to hear y'all are doing well :)