October 3, 2007

New Pictures Finally

My two men relaxing on the bed watching TV. How sweet are they?

Look at this big boy holding his own bottle!!!!!! He is getting so big! I really think he grows more and more every second.

Friday night we went to a Rison Wildcats football game. It is THE PLACE to be on Friday nights in Rison! We had a great time. A big group of our friends tailgate before the game and then sit behind the end zone--this week they cooked a hog and last week they fried fish. It is a BIG deal! Brian says it's "Friday Night Lights" and "Varsity Blues" combined--and it is!

This was Jack's second football game, and he loved it! He lasted until about half-time and then we go home. We live right down the road from the field, we can hear the band playing, see the lights, and even hear the cheers sometimes from our house.

Jack and Mommy watching the game. Mommy mostly chats with the other Moms. :)

It was a big deal this game because all of the kids got to line up and bust through the banner in front of the players and then run across the field with them. Jack watched in awe. I know he was thinking, "One day I'll be out there too!"

I decided to dress Jack in this cute outfit for church Sunday and could not resist putting the matching bonnet on him too! I was crying I laughed so hard! Brian laughed too, but made sure that I took that thing off his boy ASAP. hahahahaha. Jack is going to hate this picture when he's older! :)

He looks much better without the bonnet. So precious!

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Elizabeth said...

Jack is growing up so fast!! He is just the cutest man ever! I love ya'll and miss ya'll!