September 21, 2007

While we were in Madison we had to go see our friends Mary Evelyn and Jason and their sweet baby girl, Brinkley. They have a new house and a new baby and are doing so great! We had a good time catching up and talking about babies! Haha. It's so funny how our conversations have changed--now we talk about sleeping through the night, poop, and breastfeeding. :)
Jack and Brinkley laid on the floor together and just kinda looked at eachother. Jack did roll over to her and give her a kiss on the nose. It was so cute and sweet! We were Oohing and Ahhing and taking pictures. It goes without saying, but Brinkley is adorable! She's so tiny and sweet! I loved getting to meet her! Jason and Meg are doing a great job! They are great parents!

We're Mommys now!

Me and Mary Evelyn with our little ones, Jack and Brinkley.

Brinkley and Jack flirting. :)

Here they are having a conversation about how great their Mommies are.

Sunday on the way home to Arkansas we stopped in Yazoo City at Brian's Grandmamma's house. She really enjoyed seeing Jack and kept saying how big he's gotten and how cute he is. They had a great time together.

Jack was very interested in Grandmamma's walker. She just laughed at him. :)

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