September 10, 2007

A Full House

We have been so busy lately and have had lots of company come to stay too, which has been fun. Brian's good friend, Jax, came to stay with us for almost 2 weeks while the pole plant got up and running. He and Brian worked so hard and now the plant is producing, and Brian is still working hard!
Brian's sister and her fiance', Chris, came for Labor day weekend.
CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM on their engagement!!!!!! They've been dating for 7 years, and are so in love, and so cute! It was so good to see them and for them to spend some time with Jack. Amanda absolutely adores him and he loves her so much! They had a great time together. I don't have any pictures of them b/c the camera batteries were dead, we'll get some next time for sure.
Jack is getting so big! He still loves his cereal--we tried out Oatmeal this week and he gobbled it up! Today we tried vegetables for the first time. I wasn't sure how it would go, but our little man is such a great eater and he loved the green beans. The face he made after the first bite was priceless! But he got used to it and ate an entire container! We are preparing ourselves for the aftermath in the diaper department! :)

Jack and Jax. Jack wasn't too happy--I think he's starting a little bit of seperation/stranger anxiety. I felt bad,b/c he kept on crying and fussing whenever Jax tried to hold him.

Playing Playing Playing. Yes, he still blinks when I take pictures, but look at that beautiful smile!

I got Jack a set of about 6 balls that all make different sounds and are different colors and patterns that he has started enjoying a lot. They are just the right size for him to hold in one hand, and he shakes them in the air over and over. I love watching him do that!!!!!! It' s like he's saying, "Look mom!" So cute!
He still loves playing with washcloths. He stuffs them in his mouth like this and rolls around to play. I'm constantly taking them out and making sure he's not swallowing them or letting them block his nose. Sometimes I have to just put them away b/c they make me nervous. I'm such a mom!
Jack's first encounter with the lovely green bean--well, a form of it anyway.
It was finger-lickin' good!

"Mom, do you see this empty mouth? I want more food! More!!!!!!"


I truly love this little guy more and more every day! Thank you Father for him!

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Bodin Family said...

We love little Jack more every day too. We can't wait to see ya'll this weekend.