September 20, 2007

Getting Spoiled by Nana and Papa

We had a great time in Madison at my Mom and Dad's (Nana and Papa) house. My sister, Elizabeth has a new digital camera and we went CRAZY with it! We must have taken 200 pictures of Jack. We now have a grand total of over 1,000 pictures of our little man. WOW!!!! How insane is that?

This is our favorite picture from this weekend. He is so precious!

Aunt Elizabeth made us put this Southern Miss outfit on Jack. We always pick on her for loving her "Golden Buzzards" as we call them. Jack didn't stay in the outfit long once Brian saw it. hahaha.

Cool man Jack.

Saturday was such a beautiful day so we put a blanket down in the shade and let Jack play. He loved being outside. Now that it's getting cooler and Jack can wear sunscreen soon, we'll be playing outside a lot! Jack loves playing with my hair and thinks it's hilarious when I blow raspberries on his stomach. I love hearing him laugh!

What a little charmer!Sunday morning we all took a walk around my parents' neighborhood. Jack had a good time riding along and chillin out.
Jack and Zoey, my sister's dog. Zoey and her mom, Belle, are the queens of the house and they were feeling very neglected while Jack was there. I don't know why??? :) Finally, we let the dogs get closer. Jack was so excited! He loves dogs.

Brian took this picture and I am in love with it! So cute!

Drooley man! He's getting two teeth in on the bottom and the drooling gets out of control at times.

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