October 22, 2007

This could be my favorite picture of Jack yet! He is precious!!!!!

Nana got some good time with her little Jack man. :)

My parents and sister came to see us this past weekend. Well, they came to see Jack really, but that's OK, we know who the star is now! :) We had a great time hanging out and playing and taking tons of pictures of course. Saturday night some friends of ours had a Halloween party that Brian, Jack, and I went to, so we got to dress up! Brian and I were the Marshall and Deputy and Jack was our horse. :) I thought it was cute! (I'll post some pictures later, the site won't let me upload them right now.) Jack was ADORABLE! The party was really fun--tons of kids running around in cute costumes and lots of yummy food! After the party we dropped Jack off at our house and let Nana and Elizabeth have some time with him, and we went to "The Spooky Trail"--an annual tradition that our friends Scott and Paige put on--bascially a scary hayride for the kids. It was pretty funny to me, but some of the kids really freaked out, which was a little hard for me as a 1st time mom. But in all it was good. Sunday we hung out some more and took more pictures. The weather was AWESOME so we spent some time outside with Jack. It was a fun weekend, we really enjoyed having Nana, Papa, and Aunt Besa here!


Brandy & Ike said...

He is so cute!!!

Brandy & Ike said...

I am back in Columbus. I am working at Community counseling and trying to plan this wedding! That pretty much takes all my time. How about you?? I had no idea you even had a baby. Where are you these days?

Mike, Alison, & Benjamin said...