November 7, 2007

Jack's first Halloween!

Halloween is a BIG deal in Rison, and we had a great time! We had a few Trick-or-Treaters and then we went to our church where we had Trunk-or-Treat (everybody decorates their cars and trucks and hands candy out in the church parking lot) It was really fun. Jack was a horse and was PRECIOUS! He had a fantastic time! I hardly saw him b/c so many people were holding him and walking around with him! He LOVES being around lots of people and in the middle of the action! Brian and I just wore orange shirts, we didn't feel like getting all dressed up. A lot of other people were though--our friends Rickey and Diane were clowns (you can see Rickey in the bottom picture), and Paige and Scott were dressed up as an angel and a gorilla. We had a really great First Halloween with our jack man!


Bodin Family said...

Jack is so cute in his costume. Tell Rickey, he looks good as a clown. ha ha

Kim Shirley said...

Hey Christina! I found your blog through Mike and Allison's. OH MY GOSH JACK is precious! It's been so long, these blogs are great - feel like I got to see Jack grow up. I just started a blog for David and I ( Send me your email address, I'd love to hear about how life is for you guys.