November 29, 2007

Our Big Boy

We say "Yaaaaaaaaaah" when he claps and he loves it!

Big Boy Jack sitting up. I still put a pillow behind him most of the time b/c every once in a while he'll just dive backwards head first. Hopefully he'll stop that soon!
I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Daddy and Jack under the coffee table "fixing" it! Jack is already so much like his Daddy, and Papa, and Grandpa! :) (check out Jack's socks--they are always like this hahahaha)
The guys are discussing what needs to be fixed under the coffee table. I was informed that no girls were allowed--so I just took pictures from outside the "man zone".
Jack army-crawls his way into any tiny little spot that he'll fit. Here he go in between the chair and ottoman. He's saying, "Mommy, get me out!"

Jack is growing and changing like crazy! He does something new every day! He started sitting up by himself about three or four weeks ago which was sooo exciting! He hadn't quite gotten it yet when we went to a Halloween party and our friends' son who is 2 days older than Jack was just sitting there in the middle of the floor by himself. Well, Mommy's competitive drive kicked in and I was determined that Jack WAS GOING TO SIT UP! So we started practicing more, and he did! Yeah Jack! Now he can go from sitting up, down to his stomach and "army-crawling" as we call it. He doesn't crawl on hands and knees yet, but he gets where he wants to go, and FAST! Earlier this week he started clapping!!!!!!! I was so excited! It is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen, and he's so excited about it! And then today I gave him some Gerber sweet potato puffs to try (his first finger foods) and after playing for a while he got one, and then later several, into his mouth! Yeah!!!!!! Brian and I are so proud of Jack! He's learning so many new things and he's so much FUN!

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Aunt Besa said...

I love the pic of the "guys zone" under the coffee table!! I love all the new updated pictures.
Love ya!!