January 2, 2008

First Christmas Morning!!!!

We had a fantastic Christmas morning celebrating with Jack for the first time! Though he didn't really know what was going on, he had a good time ripping wrapping paper and tissue paper, and playing with some cool new toys! Brian and I got him only a couple of things since we knew he would be getting TONS of toys from his loving and doting grandparents, aunts, and uncle. We gave Jack a HUGE Tonka truck and some neat stuffed animals that teach colors and make noises. The Tonka truck had mega legoes in the back and Jack LOVED them. Brian and he had so much fun playing together--Brian would build a tower and Jack would knock it down.
This Christmas really felt like Christmas because we got to experience it through Jack and it was such a blessing! We decided to stay home by ourselves and relax and I'm so glad we did. Although it's weird being away from our family at Christmas, it is so great to lounge around and eat and play and have that time for just us.

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