January 2, 2008

Thank You for the FUN toys!

Thank you Grandmamma, Grandpa, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Chris, Nana, Papa, Aunt Besa, Uncle Michael, and all of my friends and family that gave me so many fun and exciting toys and clothes for Christmas! I can't decide what to pull up on, or drool on, or crawl over first. I love ya'll!
Love, Jack
Can you find the baby in the picture above???
{Disclaimer: This picture was taken before Mommy went crazy because of the mess and organized everything. Now some of the toys are out, and some are boxed up to come out in a few weeks.}
Papa Bodin made this for Jack a while back, but brought it to him as a Christmas present. Jack loves it! He's a natural cowboy!

For New Year's we went to Brian's Grandmamma's in Yazoo City. Jack got tons of toys from everybody there and had a blast playing with them all! He especially liked his Hide Inside Surprise that Grandmamma and Grandpa Chisholm gave him. :)
Daddy's little boy! How precious is he?

MawMaw and PawPaw Bodin(Jack's great-grandparents on Christina's side) gave Jack a highchair and it is wonderful! He has already broken it in with his first biter biscuit and some yummy baby food.


Jason & Meg said...

I am sorry but you need to clean your living room:) Jack's toys are everywhere.:)O
I am glad ya'll had a great Christmas. I can't wait to see ya'll again soon!

Haley said...

Jack is so cute! I'm glad I have a blog too now. Once I actually figure out how to use it i'm sure i'll be able to keep up with everyone better!