July 15, 2008


The Chisholm family is expanding in more than one way lately! :)
Here's the belly at 30 weeks. I feel HUGE! And there are some other pics that Brian took that make me look HUGE and WILL NOT be appearing on here! :)
We're all doing great. The baby is moving like crazy and getting bigger. I had a checkup last week and the doctor said everything looks great.
I've been having some lower ab pain, but she said it's just the muscles stretching. I'm feeling good, but a little uncomfortable. With only 2 months to go I've definitely been nesting. I've been organizing, cleaning, baking, and getting some of the little bitty baby clothes out. They're so tiny!!!
Jack is growing up so fast and we're having so much fun with him. He's learning and noticing more and more every day. Brian is great too, he's getting excited about going fishing this weekend with his dad.

Here is our new mini-van!!! Isn't she pretty! I really like driving her, though I do miss bullseye. We have much more room now, and getting Jack in and out of his car seat is SOOOO much easier! I went grocery shopping in her for the first time yesterday, and it was great! So I'm settling in. I keep accidentally calling the van bullseye, and Brian keeps laughing at/correcting me. oops! Sorry van. So, hope the picture helps with the naming of her. I've thought about calling her Minnie--you know for mini-van...but I don't know, I want to hear what ya'll come up with. :)


Crystal Garcia said...

I just think Bulls eye is such a great name! Could you come up with something super creative like, "the other bulls eye" or "bulls eye II" "bulls eye squared?"


Brian, Christina, and Jack Chisholm said...

Welllllll....Bullseye was Bullseye because she was hit so many times and had so many character-filled dings, scratches, and dents--plus she took a while to acquire that name. So, I don't want to saddle the van with a name she hasn't earned yet--plus I don't want to encourage her to live up to that name either. HAHAHAHAHA! Are these people or vehicles we're talking about here? :)