July 23, 2008

Jack's Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend we went to the Randall's fishing camp outside of Starkville and had a relaxing, peaceful, and fun weekend with Brian's parents. Brian's mom and I just sat around, played with Jack, and cooked all weekend while the guys fished fished fished! We didn't watch any TV or have internet access, and had very little phone service, and it was great to be unplugged for a while.

Jack had a great time running around the house, eating a ton, and most especially riding on the four-wheeler with Brian.

This picture was priceless! I had put Jack down for a nap and then went outside for a little while. When I came back in I could hear this crinkling (sp?) sound over the monitor, so I asked Mrs. Nancy if he'd been making much noise or what. She said he had groaned and babbled a little and then this crinkling sound started. So we waited a few more minutes until the sound got louder and it sounded like he was dismantling his pack-n-play. I finally went in and met this sight. He had somehow gotten ahold of this pack of wipes and was pulling them out one-by-one into 2 piles. The piles were several inches high when I got in there and he was happy as can be! We cracked up! So much for his nap!


Crystal Garcia said...

your child is obsessed with things used for wiping butts...toilet paper ad wipes

Ashley said...

Here are a few ideas for van names: I've been reading your updates and havent seen a set decision so forgive me if this is of no use anymore!
Vanny May
Vancy Pants
The Vanpire (too scary?)
Skinny Minnie
Minnie Lane
I'm voting for Vancy Pants... but do what you will.

I also came up with a new name for you as well... Minnie Driver!

Anonymous said...

Minnie Driver is my vote!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dads suggestion for the van's name is:
Van Go!!!!

Love, Mom & Dad