July 10, 2008

Our Fourth of July

We were on the road this Fourth and got to see soooo many people that we love, it was GREAT! We drove to Yazoo City on Thursday afternoon and spent the night with Grandmamma Merkle. We had a blast playing with Jack, watching him, and talking to Grandmamma late into the night.
We didn't bring any toys in, so Jack improvised. He took these potatoes from the white tub in the background to the basket, one by one. He also handed them out to us, Grandmamma, Ruth, and Ann. He was hilarious!
When Uncle Mark came over Jack handed every single potato to him. He was such a good sport, he sat there and held all thirty or so of them for Jack.
I think Grandmamma liked having her great-grandson around. She wanted to hold him at every possible opportunity. How sweet they are!
Friday morning we drove down to my Grandparents' house in the country. Jack has a great time playing outside, chasing the dogs around, and being oohed and ahhed about all day.

He loved this ball! Katie, Emily (my cousins), and Elizabeth all entertained him for hours! I wanted to kidnap them and bring them home with us! :)
Saturday and Sunday we spent some time with Brian's parents, saw his good friend Justin and his wife Elizabeth, visited Pap Paw Chisholm, and saw my godmother before meeting my parents and caravaning to Madison where we rested and then headed to Rison.
It was great to see everybody! I don't have any pictures, because I'm a horrible picture-taker when we're travelling, so, sorry.
We also bought and drove our new minivan back! So now my vehicle is a minivan!!!! WoooHoo! I really like it! We got to know eachother pretty well on the drive home Sunday, and we're tight now. Jack likes her too. I don't have any pics of her yet, but they are coming.
I do need ya'll to help me--I need some ideas for a catchy, clever, descriptive, and cute name for my new ride. So think of some for me--I'll post a picture of her soon so you'll have some inspiration. I can't wait to hear your ideas!


Ashley said...

That picture of him holding all those potatoes is hysterical!

I'm working on some names for your new ride, but I need some photos before I can make any plausable suggestions!

Jared & Brandy Verwiel said...

i can't get over how much he's growing. he's so cute! our babies are going to be so close in age! is your pregnancy going well?

been thinking of some minivan names, but nothing definite until there's pics