October 13, 2008

Ali Grace is ONE MONTH old!!!!

She's actually one month and three days old...I'm a little behind on posting. :)
All of us are doing really good. We're just hanging out, enjoying time together. Ali Grace is eating, sleeping, pooping, and peeing like a champ. Plus she's growing like crazy and being unbelievably cute too, so she's great. Jack is playing, talking, and running around constantly. His newest words are yummy and whoa. Brian grilled shrimp this weekend in the annual Rison in the Fall BBQ Competition. He got 5th place which was a little disappointing because he won 1st last year, but we're all proud of him, and he had a good time! The kids and I went downtown to the festival for a couple of hours on Saturday and it was really fun. We saw lots of people and got to eat some yummy barbeque.

Isn't she soooo cute!!! We think she looks like Jack did at her age, but a little bit different. We are loving her more and more each day and we truly feel blessed by her!

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Jason & Meg said...

she's growing too fast. stop her until i get to see her. i have a few more outfits that chrissie just got back to me. let me know when you'll be in town and i'll get them to you.