October 14, 2008

The Big Brother

Such a big boy! Trying to be just like Daddy. He is imitating Brian more and more lately. It can be pretty funny. The other day Brian was showing Jack how to put a crayon behind his ear, and of course Jack was poking it everywhere but behind his ear. They are so cute together!

Jack is such a great big brother already! He's so sweet to Ali Grace, giving her kisses and hugs and loving on her. But being a big brother isn't all fun and games, Jack definitely doesn't get as much time and attention as he used to. So lately I've been trying to take him outside a lot, which is one of his favorite things! The other day he had a great time running around, swinging, and discovering all kinds of things.

I love how big he looks in his little jeans and jacket!

(Check out our very dead and sad garden in the background.)

Jack and Lucy girl.

Here Jack is pointing to a bird that was flying over our yard. He's pointing and saying "Flying up in the sky." He's been learning about animals and the sounds they make. He knows lots of them--bird, dog, cat, cow, sheep, duck, pig, and some others. It's so cute when he does the sounds--they are getting closer and closer to the real sounds, he tends to drop the first letters or sounds of each of them. Precious!

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Anonymous said...

Jack is growing up so fast. He looks like a Big Boy in these pictures.