July 2, 2007

Back to Starkville

Our friends Kane and Katey played host to us, Crystal, and Hayden in Starkville this weekend. We had such a great time hanging out with all of them, catching up, and relaxing.

This is their little cutie, Camp, early Saturday morning. I can't believe how big and grown up he is! He can say names now and it's so precious! He can say "Chisholm" and "Jack" really well, and he can sorta say "Christina." He had a BIG time with the guys in Tupelo that day looking at boots and guns and fishing poles and tractors! Brian said they had such a good time! He got some good practice for when jack gets this age. :)

Katey, Crystal, Jack, and I had a super relaxing day watching girlie movies and chatting. maybe next time Jack will get to go with the men, for now he had to stay with Mommy.

Thanks so much Kane and Katey for having us!!!!! We love ya'll!

Saturday afternoon we went to Columbus to meet two of my good friends, Coop and Mary Evelyn. I hadn't seen Coop in a year, so she hadn't seen Jack yet. It was great seeing them and letting then see our little man. Mary Evelyn is having a baby girl in August. They are going to name her Brinkley Kate. How cute! Doesn't she look just adorable!

Saturday night we cooked out at Kane and Katey's house. The guys did the grillin' and then girls did the sides. We always have the best, most encouraging conversations with these friends! Truly an iron sharpening iron group! What a blessing!
Here's Jack all dressed up for church Sunday. We went to our old church, the Chapel, and saw our friends there. They oohed and ahhed over how big Jack is and of course how cute he is! Then we ate some good ole Starkville food at Peppers after church. Yum!

Sunday afternoon Jack and I went to a baby shower for Mary Evelyn in Columbus. How cute is that duckie bath tub! She got some awesome stuff! Little Brinkley is going to be spoiled! :)

We had a great weekend! It was so incredible and weird being in Stakville again. I felt so awkward driving around, but knowing that I don't live there anymore. Thanks to all of the travelling this month we are now experts at doing it with an infant, but now we are staying home for a while...so ya'll have to come see us! :)

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