July 26, 2007

4th month check-up

We went to Little Rock yesterday for Jack's 4 month well baby visit, and it went really well! He did great! He was good in the waiting room and we had a great time playing in the examination room.
He now weighs 13 pounds, 6.5 ounces, and he is 24.5 inches long. So he has gained almost 2 pounds and grown an inch and one half in the past 2 months which is GREAT!!! Dr. Malak said that he is doing perfect!
She was really impressed by his head control, which she tested by pulling him into a sitting position by his arms. He held his head up with his body when she did it, instead of letting it fall back, which means he has good head control! YEAH! I wasn't surprised though because I had read about that and tried it at home! :)
He has some dry skin on his thigh and foot that she said to use Dove soap and Eucerin lotion on, and she gave us a prescription for Vitamin D drops. And she said we can start him on rice cereal, which we're excited about!
Then came the dreaded shots, which he hated, of course! He cried and cried! It was worse than his 2 month shots, but eventually he calmed down, and once we got him in the truck he was out like a light!
Today he's had a little bit of a fever and has been really fussy and not feeling good because of the shots, but he's ok, poor little guy! I don't ever want him to get sick! UGH! It's hard enough knowing why he's feeling bad and that it's not serious, I can't imagine not knowing exactly what is wrong and what to do about it! Lord, please grant us mercy! I'm already praying for when that day comes.

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Bodin Family said...

Poor little man, I know he wasn't happy after getting those shots. Nana, Papa and Aunt Besa will be there soon to make you feel all better :) ;)

Can't wait to see all of you.