August 4, 2007

Play, Play, Play

Jack is getting so big! He plays more and more and is so interested in everything that goes on around him. It's so fun to watch! He can sit in his Bumbo really well now, and he loves having a new perspective on things. He really likes sitting in it and just looking around. He has also started playing under his Gymini again (he didn't like it for a while). He'll twist and roll and rock until he gets right underneath this rattle and then he gets it in his mouth and gets so excited! He's also rolling all over the place! I'll put him on his blanket, go in the next room for a couple minutes, and when I come back he's off the blanket in a totally different postion! It's funny to watch. He's going to be so active once he really starts moving!

Last night we fedJack rice cereal for the first time and he loved it! He kept opening his mouth WIDE and stretching to get more! He got it all over the place. It was so cute! We had a lot of fun feeding him. Hopefully he'll continue to enjoy it. The picture isn't that great, it was taken after we were done and he was upset that there wasn't anymore to eat. :)



Aunt Besa said...

My nephew is so cute! I'm glad he liked the rice cereal! He's going to be as active as I was when I was a baby! LOL!! I miss and love ya'll!!
Aunt Besa!

Bodin Family said...

The frog bib is so cute.
Rollin', rollin' rollin' Watch out mom & dad he is mobile now, he is going to be all over the place.

Love and kisses to all three of you. We love you.

The Overstreets said...

He's growing so fast!