August 17, 2007

Jack and Mommy

A few months ago one of my Mom's friends took pictures of Jack and I, and I put them in an album for Brian's father's day gift. I'm just now putting them on here because I left the CD in Gulfport and now I have it back. These are a few of my favorite ones. Jack looks so little in these! He was a little over a month old in them.

This one above is my favorite picture!

Jack was sound asleep in a lot of these. He did good for a little while, but then he got tired and really cranky, so we let him go to sleep and I held him. Some of the best shots are of him sleeping.

I love kissing his little bitty feet!

My Mom's friend, Susan, was great! She set up in my parents' bedroom. We hung a black blackdrop, put up some lights and that's it. It was pretty funny as we all crammed in their bedroom for the photo shoot. You can't even tell that's where we were. I really like the pictures.

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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful Pictures!! I love ya'll!