August 4, 2007

Fun Weekend with the Bodin Family


My parents and my sister, Elizabeth, came to visit last weekend. We had a great time seeing them and watching them play with Jack. He, of course, was the center of attention and they got to see some of his new tricks, which was great. Elizabeth got Jack laughing Sunday night and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!
We went to Hot Springs Saturday and really enjoyed it. We toured one of the bath houses, ate at a GREAT restaurant called the Brick House Grill, walked around downtown for a while, got some yummy ice cream and fudge, and then went to the mall for a little while to get Jack out of the heat.
Don't my two men look so adorable together!!! :) The pic of Brian with Jack in the carrier is one of my all time favorites now!
When I first saw the pic of me holding Jack I said, "Whoa I look like a mom!" to which everyone responded, "YOU ARE A MOM!" It's still weird at times I guess. But don't I just look like a
mom!!!! :)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

My sister the "MOM" I am still amazed that you are a Mom now. But you are a wonderful Mom, and it doesn't hurt that you learned from the best!! I can't wait to see ya'll again and make Jack laugh at his crazy Aunt Besa!! LOL
Love ya,
Elizabeth....Aunt Besa