August 13, 2007

Painting for Jack's Room

This weekend I was able to paint a good bit and this is what I painted. I wasn't all that pleased with it at first because it didn't turn out the way it looked in my head. But it has grown on me and now I really really like it. Brian is so sweet! He has been so supportive and complimentary about my paintings! He's so incredible! He is a wonderful husband and an awesome daddy! I love him!


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE it! I want a Christina Chisholm original!!

Jason & Meg said...

I have been a slacker at least checking others. Jack IS getting so big. I can't believe it. Your paintings are too cute. I am impressed you find the time. Maybe I'll figure it out soon.

Mike, Alison, & Benjamin said...

hey christina! your jack is soooooo adorable! what a cutie. you look like mothering is coming naturally to you :)