August 27, 2007

The Harrell Wilson Invitational/Shopping Day in Little Rock

This weekend was the Sixth Annual Harrell Wilson Invitational Golf Tournament (for the men) and Shopping Day (for the women) in Little Rock. A group of guys gets together every year to play two courses while the wives go shopping and then everybody meets up for dinner and an awards ceremony that night. Obviously, this was our very first Harrell Wilson Invitational, and we had a great time!
Brian's team WON the golf tournament and Jack and I spent lots of money all over North Little Rock on all sorts of fun stuff! Brian and the guys started the day off at about 5:45 with breakfast at Waffle House and then played two 18 hole courses. They said they had a lot of fun. Meanwhile, Jack and I went to LR with our friends Paige and Jaelle to shop. We found some great deals at TJ Maxx. They have really good prices on childrens' books and toys, which I didn't know. And Jaelle got some ADORABLE clothes for fall. We also went to Target and Steinmart which was fun. Jack was the PERFECT baby!!!!! He didn't fuss at all and he slept and ate his bottles sooo well. I am so blessed with this little boy! Jaelle took care of him and helped out a ton the whole day. She is on the top of the babysitters' list when she gets older.
That night we met the guys at Shorty Smalls, a barbeque place, and ate. Brian and his teammates received pretty cool trophies. He was excited, and I was really proud! We had such a good time! God has blessed us with these new friendships and continues to give us opportunities to build them, and I'm so thankful!!!!

Brian with his precious trophy! That's MY husband! :)
One of Brian's teammates, and our next door neighbor, Sid.
Eating at Shorty Smalls: Jaelle and her dad, Scott, in the foreground; other Harrell Wilson Invitational participants in the background.
Our future golfer: Jack proudly holding his daddy's trophy.
Jaelle, Paige, and Jack at Target refueling for more shopping. Jaelle and Paige were dressed alike--so cute! Look at Jack trying to cram that rattle into his mouth! :)
Jaelle sat in the back on the van with Jack. She helped out a lot!
I never thought I'd say this--but I want a minivan! Ahhhhhh! = O It was so easy and convenient to have all that room! And if we have a ton of kids we'll have to have something big. Can't you just see me cruising around town, sideswiping vehicles, backing into poles, running small children off the road in my behemoth sized van? hahaha :)


Bodin Family said...

Way to Go Brian...Another trophy! First the fishing tournament and now a Golf Tournament.
Jack is growing up so fast...He looks so big sitting on Paige's lap.
We're glad all of you had a good time. Hope we get to see you soon. You are always welcome, so come see us soon.

Jason & Meg said...

I can't wait to see you next weekend. i am so excited ya'll are coming home. See you very soon.