August 9, 2007

He's getting so big!

Our little man is really starting to look and act like a little man! It's so crazy! Time has absolutely flown and he has grown so much already! He's rolling around and laughing and putting things in his mouth and eating rice cereal, and he's 4 1/2 months old! WHAT?????? I'm telling you it's crazy! :) Look at our Jack man all dressed up for church! Isn't he precious! He looks so big! Oh but we just love love love love him! He is so sweet!
We finally had to bite the bullet and stop swaddling Jack because he was busting out of the blankets and waking himself up. We had a very pleasant night earlier this week when he woke up just about every hour! Ugh! But we got him the sleep sack that you see below and that plus feeding him rice cereal before bedtime has been so great! Last night he didn't wake up at all and slept until 5:45! It was fantastic! He loves his new pj's!
Everything everything everything is going in his mouth now! It is hysterical to watch him try and try and try to get huge things near or in his mouth--like Mommy and Daddy's faces and big toys and blankets. He loves playing with blankets now. He'll grab them and suck on them and roll around with them until he's all wrapped up!
Our Jack is just getting so big! And I know that he's going to grow sooooo much more over the next few months. I love watching him through all of these new stages! I love being his mom!

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Bodin Family said...

Jack is so precious and is getting so big! Love the new PJ's!

Love Nana and Papa