August 18, 2007

Fun Time with Grandmamma and Grandpa

Brian's parents came to see us for a long weekend, and we had a great time! They got here Wednesday and they've been loving on Jack and spoiling him like crazy ever since! He has had a great time showing off all of the new things he can do since they last saw him. We are so glad they got to come--it had been about 2 months since they saw us. Jack loves his Grandmamma and Grandpa! Mommy, Grandmamma, and Jack had a good time hanging out this week while Daddy and Grandpa worked. It was great letting Mrs. Nancy see Jack go through his normal routine each day and see his do all his new stuff.
Grandmamma and Jack catching up when they first arrived.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Daddy's little boy!
YUMMY! He LOVES his rice cereal. He's getting better about smiling for the camera, but he keeps trying to get to the camera now, and he closes his eyes all the time. I have tons of hilarious shots of him with his eyes closed and weird looks on his face.
Jack and Daddy playing on the floor.
Jack loves looking in the mirror. I stand on the couch and let him see himself up close in the mirror. He is so cute, he touches the mirror and smiles and laughs.
We went to Little Rock today and this was taken at a cool little diner/ice cream shoppe called the Purple Cow. Jack loved looking at all of the people and trying to get into our ice cream. He is more and more alert and curious, and he has started getting into everything within his reach.
Doesn't Jack look BIG! I swear he grows minute to minute. Sometimes I look at him and he seems bigger and more grown up than he did five minutes before. :( sniff sniff. hahaha. :)
He became obsessed with washcloths today. He just wanted to chew on them and put them over his face and play with them. He hardly played with anything else. It was so cute and funny to watch him try to shove it all in his mouth.


The Overstreets said...

Look at that sweet little smile!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Manda said...

Awwww. Jack is just the most adorable baby ever!!!! I am dying for him to show me EVERYTHING he can do. Im coming Jack, Im coming.

The Texas VicHorns said...


i was excited to see you post on my blog...long time no see! I'm glad to see you are doing so well with such a beautiful little family. I"m sure you are a wonderful wife and mom. I'll visit your blog often to keep in touch!

meredith murphy horn :)

The Texas VicHorns said...
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The Texas VicHorns said...


What a fun weekend!!!