August 13, 2007

So Cute, Whether Asleep or Awake!

Jack is really starting to play now! He has started swinging toys around and occasionally hitting himself in the face, plus he's chewing on everything. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a tooth soon due to all the drooling and teething.

Sunday afternoon Jack took his nap on Brian's chest. It was so cute! Look at those lips! I just love him!

My family sent us a big package today full of all kinds of fun stuff. Jack got some Baby Einstein blocks that he already loves. They are really neat--Brian and I have been playing with them too. :) And he got a tray for his Bumbo and a teether/ rattle. I got some paint pens, canvases, stickers, notecards, and all kinds of cool stuff. And Brian got two really neat flashlights. Lucy even got a treat! Thanks mom, dad, and Elizabeth!!!! We love and miss ya'll!

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Elizabeth said...

I'm glad ya'll liked the blocks! I had fun playing with them before we sent them. I love ya'll!