July 11, 2007

Random Pictures

These two pictures were taken at Brian's sister, Amanda's, apartment in Starkville. Brian was so funny, propping Jack up and posing him with the remote! Jack didn't like it all that much. And then over Jack went. It was pretty darn cute!
This is my favorite way to take pictures of Jack. I can't see his face, so I never know what the picture is going to be like. Some of them are hilarious! Like the one below of him in mid-sneeze.

Play Play Play! He likes chewing on these links! I wouldn't be surprised if he started cutting teeth soon, he wants to be chewing on something all the time and the drool has definitely started to pour!
Daddy and Jack chilling out.
And here's Mommy and Jack chillin out too.
A quick update: We're doing good. We've been so busy! With church and Brian's work site getting going now, and me walking 2 or 3 times a week and Jack, time is flying. The weather here has been crazy. The native Arkansans are all astonished at how much rain we've been getting! They say it's usually dry as a bone in July, but the past couple weeks we've gotten drenched! Over 10 inches I know has fallen! It's been pouring off and on this afternoon too. but I like the rain, so it's not too bad. It does need to dry up soon though, so that things out at Brian's site can keep progressing. They've already had a road wash out, so that's holding things up a little. Brian has been much busier, which is good for him. But I miss him! :( I've kept up walking with my friend Paige, and we've gotten to hang out a few other times too this week. She's so sweet! And her little girl, Jaelle ("Jay-elle") is so cute and she loves Jack! We went swimming with them yesterday and Jack was smiling and flirting with Jaelle and her friends! He's a stud! :) It's been great to be home for a while! My parents are coming up in a couple of weeks, and then Brian's parents are coming sometime in August, so I'm excited about that! It's always fun having them here. Not much else is going on though. Just loving eachother and our little Jack man! :)


Crystal said...

your baby is hilarious. will you please send me a copy of the one where he's about to sneeze. Laugh out loud funny!

Grandmamma said...

Like father like son with the remote!! Precious pictures. We miss ya'll and are looking forward to our upcoming visit.

Jason & Meg said...

I love your random pics. Jack is so cute. I could just kiss those cheeks. I am glad you have found someone to hang out with. We have had the rain this week too.

Bodin Family said...

Jack's cheeks are so cute, and he is growing so fast. We can't wait to see him! Of course we can't wait to see you and Brian too, but you know, "It's all about Jack." LOL

Love ya,
Nana and Papa