July 23, 2007

FOUR months old already?!?!?!?!

Our little Jack was four months old yesterday! It has gone by so fast!!!! And I have enjoyed being a mom sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing!
Jack is so cute with how he puts absolutely everything in his mouth! If you get your fingers too close to his mouth he tries desperately to get them in there. And his toys and hands are constantly soaked with slobber. It's great! We call him slobber-boy now :) We are having so much fun watching him as he changes and starts doing new things! Brian and I get so excited when he does something new!
Saturday Brian was playing with him and Jack rolled all the way over from his back to his stomach. (He has been rolling over and getting caught on his shoulder and not able to go any further, but this time he made it all the way!) Then later I was playing too and he did it again. I, of course, got super excited and Brian said, "Yeah he did that earlier." I was so glad that Brian got a "first" all to himself!!!!
He's still doing well lifting his head while on his stomach and rolling over from stomach to back. We can tell that he's getting more and more alert to the things around him. He especially responds to voices more than ever before. And he can give some looks too! I don't know where he got that from! :) He "talks" all the time! I swear that some of the sound combos sound a lot like "Mamma" :)
We are taking Jack for his 4 month checkup on Wednesday. I'm excited to see how much he's grown and gained. I also have about 50 questions for the doctor, so I need to write them all down. Stuff like: When should we start on fruits? and Is still swaddling him at his age ok? basic stuff. I'm a member of the Mommy Zone, an online forum, and I've asked a few questions on there so far. The women are great, very helpful, and extremely welcoming and knowledgable. I really like it. I asked about swaddling and got like 10 responses, many that suggested very different things which is good b/c I got a wide range of options to think about and try. But I'm still gonna grill the doctor about stuff too.
Brian and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie last Thursday and really enjoyed it! Our friends Scott, Paige, and Jaelle kept Jack, and though he was fussy A Lot, they said they liked having him. The movie, though, was good! It's way darker than the other ones, but we still liked it. My sister is bringing us the new book to read and I can't wait! I have to re-read the 6th one first. So, the Harry Potter obsession continues!
This was a pretty long post, but I hadn't posted in a while, I'll try to do better. My blog obsession has lessened considerably for some reason! Go figure.

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Rocky and Suzanne said...


Your little one is so precious! I can't believe he is already 4 months old. I love the name Jack, I think it is perfect. Thanks for your note, I'm glad we can keep in touch through the blogosphere.

Miss ya!