July 24, 2009

Family Trips Part 2--DESTIN

Last week we went to Destin with my side of the family for a few days of relaxation, sun, and sooo much fun! We stayed in a HUGE beach house, which we needed because there were 14 of us! It was such a blessing to be able to go and spend some great quality time with my aunts, uncles, and grandparents--not to mention my parents and siblings! We did a lot of relaxing, EATING, joking around, and sunbathing and some swimming, fishing, shopping and beachcombing too.
The picture above was taken from the deck behind the house the first night we were there! It was gorgeous!
Here we are before leaving Jackson and heading south to the BEACH!!!
Sleeping in the car...so nice! (For him and for us.)
Ali Grace gets zoned out like this just before she goes to sleep.
On our way out of Jackson.The Mobile Tunnel. Jack enjoyed this, I think we "choo-chooed" our way through it. He still loves trains!
Skip ahead about 8 or 10 hours (the traffic was insane in Mobile and Ft. Walton) and we were pulling into Destin!
Cap'n Jack Chisholm
My Uncle Tim and Aunt Lisa have a big fishing boat that Jack loved! Here he is taking us for a cruise around Destin(not really).

Catching a BIG fish!
I am in love with this picture of my PawPaw and Ali Grace! He is such a big teddy bear especially when it comes to his great-grandkids!
I love this one of Ali Grace and my MawMaw too! They were so sweet together.
MawMaw held Ali whenever it was time to feed her baby food. I think she enjoyed it.
"We goin' the beach!" as Jack says.
I don't know who was more excited, Jack or Brian and I. :)
Testing out the water.
Both Jack and Ali Grace really liked the water and the waves.
They both like the sand too--but in different ways.
Jack wanted to dig in it. Ali wanted to eat it.
Happy girl!
One of the guys.
Papa (my Dad) had a blast playing with Jack.
One of the girls.
It was so awesome seeing them experience the beach for the first time.
One afternoon we all piled on the boat and took a cruise around the bay. It was so pretty!
There's my sister and Mom in the crow's nest waaaay up at the top of the boat. I wasn't going that high.
Michael and Jack chillin' in the back of the boat.
We ate breakfast one morning at the cutest little diner called Camelia's or something like that. It has long curved lunch counter-like seating and we were all able to sit down together. They had some incredible omelettes!
Jack liked the chocolate milk.
And Ali reeeeally liked the bits of waffle I gave her. The girl gets downright bossy when it comes to feeding her!

Cap'n Jack again, this time in full costume. He loved his sword--he even slept with it.Baby Pirate.
And Daddy Pirate.
Getting ready to get in the pool. Poor kid, we could barely see him.
Loungin' in the pool.

After this we loosened up a little, took the vest off, and let him float in a little tube. He was so funny! He was completely relaxed just floating along humming.

Our trip was Fantastic!!! We were constantly talking and joking about staying in Destin forever, we really didn't want to leave. There's just something about being on the water--I think it's the "Coast Rat" coming out of Brian and I.

The best part was spending time with family. Letting them see and get to know Jack and Ali Grace a little was priceless. We're planning to make this an annual event!


Amanda said...

Great Pictures!!! I know that had to have been awesome seeing them at the beach for the first time. I can only imagine how cute it was. Cute is an understatement when it comes to sweet Jack and Ali Girl though :) Love them..and yall :)

The Overstreets said...

love all the pictures!! Jack and Ali Grace are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!