July 9, 2009

Jack's 2nd Birthday Party

I've been going through the 800 pictures that are on one of our memory cards, and finally putting them on the computer, so I thought I'd post some longggg overdue pictures finally. Starting with Jack's birthday party (which was in March oops).

We had his party at my parents' house in Madison so that no one would have to travel far and a lot of our family could be there. The theme was the movie Cars and we all had a blast!!!
My Mom and I made Jack's cake. It was so much fun decorating it, and it came out great. His name is made of Starbursts, the grass is coconut dyed green, and the track is crushed Oreos. He really liked it!
Happy Birthday my sweet boy! I can't believe you're TWO! (Actually over two now, but oh well.)
Wearing his Mater shirt. He LOVES Cars! It's our go-to movie when we're traveling, he loves all of the characters, and we can all probably recite the whole thing--even Ali Grace.
We made a little cake too, so we could put Mater on it. Mater is his FAVORITE!

Opening presents. He got a bunch of Cars stuff and started playing with everything right away. I had to finish opening everything because he was so into the presents he'd already opened.

My brother got him a huge pack of water guns that, as you can see, went over well. Jack loves guns, and we "go shooting all the time." My brother and some others started a big water fight later in the party--in my parents' living room! My Maw Maw and Jack were even in the fight! We all got soaked.

Then Jack got a haircut. This is my sweet Aunt Lisa. She used to cut my hair when I was little, and now she's cut Jack's too. :)

Ali Grace got in on the action too. Smiley girl.
My great friend Mary Evelyn, her husband, Jason, and their darling little girl, Brinkley all came to the party. Brinkley is just adorable! And she's about to be a big sister!!!
The party was a ton of fun! We'll be having a 1st Birthday party in just a couple of months for our Ali girl! Hard to believe.

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