July 29, 2009

Jack's Big Boy Room

I've been wanting to make Jack's room more of a big boy room and less of a baby's room for a while now. Since he loves anything that is motorized I thought a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles theme--or travel--or something along those lines would be great. We finally got around to hanging everything this weekend.I found this picture online at pottery barn kids for about $100. Of course I was not about to spend that on Jack's room, so I copied it with a few changes to make it my own. I had a BLAST painting it, and I think it came out great. I used a large canvas I bought months ago for about $15, and painted it with paint pens and acrylic craft paint I already had. I really like how it looks.

I bought the license plates at a antique shop in North AR on our trip for about $4 each. I like the colors with the map.

Here's the map a little closer.

I wanted to make a place to display some of Jack's artwork that would be easy to change, and that he would be able to help put up. Brian put three picture hanging hooks in the wall and we tied jute twine to them, clipped the art on with clothes pins, and Wah-La! Jack loves to point out his pictures and talk about them.

My Dad made these letters for Jack a while back. I had them painted white and hung with cute striped ribbon on the wall. I wanted to use them, but wasn't sure how, so I decided to paint the side of the letters different colors, but leave the front white. Well, some of them got kinda messy, so I started smearing the paint on the front and liked the way it looked. I did it to all of them and I think it looks cute now. The little car, truck, and plane are stuck on the wall with mounting putty, which I thought was clever, UNTIL Jack came in, saw them and immediately started whining for them. I had those things down in seconds--we were not gonna deal with that! :)

I put some more of Jack's artwork over his crib. The one in the center is the first crayon drawing he ever did. I still think it's worthy of museum display--but I may be biased. :) The others are canvases he painted.

I have a few more things I want to do in there, but I really like how it's coming out. We're now starting the transition to a big boy bed. I just took his bumper pad out and next is to take the side rail off. I think he'll do fine, we're going to have to reeeeealllly work on teaching him to stay in bed and not get up and play. I know some people have done it, we'll see if we can. We're also going to start getting serious about potty training. I'm scared! :)


Crystal Garcia said...

You did a GREAT job on that painting. I absolutely love it!

Anthropologie's theme in part of the store is travel/jet-setting. A super cute and affordable thing they did was they bought old maps at antique stores and even drug/convenient stores and folded them into paper airplanes. They were then hung on string from the ceiling. Whenever the AC gets going, they swirl around! All the colors of the maps look awesome flying over our heads. I'll have to take photo and send it to you.

Elizabeth Bodin said...

Jack's room looks great I love the painting of the US and all Jack's artwork. You are so crafty!!
Love you!

aefelder said...

his room looks great! gave me some ideas. :) although i'm NOT an artist..so we'll have to see about that.