April 6, 2010

Jack's 3rd Birthday Party!!!

This weekend we went to Jackson for Jack's 3rd birthday party! Brian's sister and brother-in-law (Amanda and Chris) had the party at their house and they did such a great job making it special and fun for all of us--especially Jack!

The decorations were fantastic! The theme was Curious George and there were lots of fun banners, signs, and balloons! One of my favorite things was that she used bunches of bananas on the table as balloon anchors! So CUTE! Amanda even dressed in yellow and brown to match the party! She is incredible!

Chris, being the great uncle he is, thought to record a couple of Curious George episodes for us to watch during the party! Jack and Ali Grace loved that! Jack chilled out on the couch with his balloon for a while, and then Ali Grace and Grandpa joined in too.

We all ate yummy food and the kids had a blast playing with the CG goody bags Amanda and Chris got for them. Even Uncle Michael played with some play-doh!

Jack had a good time opening presents. He got clothes, which he hugged to show how much he liked them, a HUGE bag of craft supplies, some CG DVDs, a rocket, a bulldozer, and a mattress set and comforter set for his new big boy bed!

We all had a blast (hehe) playing with the rocket outside! I think Brian had more fun with it than Jack did--not really--Jack loved it! They had fun stomping on the foot "thing" and making it take off. And really loved shooting everybody with the rockets once pointing it straight up wasn't as exciting anymore.

Ali Grace eventually grabbed the foot "thing" and turned it into her phone! This girl looooves to talk on the phone, and as you can see, she can make anything into one. So funny!

Then the kids hunted for easter eggs and found some fun candy.

Check out the belly in this pic above!!! It is definitely getting huge!!!! :)

Cake time!!! Jack LOVED his Curious George cake! My Mom and I like making their cakes ourselves, and though sometimes it makes for some interesting situations (VERY MESSY), they always turn out great! It looked so cute, and it tasted delicious!!!

After eating cake we were all pretty worn out, so we just sat around and relaxed a while. Jack and Ali Grace were waaaay overdue for a nap, so Ali took advantage of Papa and was out! Sweet little one.

It was a fun day and everything went so perfectly! We are so very blessed to have family that loves us so much and will do so much for us! We had a fantastic time, and Jack loved every minute! He even went up to Amanda, gave her a hug, and told her "This is FUN!" Our precious, sweet, BIG BOY!


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