April 30, 2010

They are SO Different!!!

I've always heard that each child in a family will most likely be totally different from all the rest, and though I've seen that even in how different my brother, sister, and I are, I still didn't expect my kids to be SOOOOO different!

But WOW they are!

Jack: The Oldest--Careful, sensitive, cautious, weary of new things, take charge, laid back but also very into structure and routine.
Ali Grace had made a HUGE mess as usual, and when we started laughing at her Jack joined in putting just a little bit on his face!

Ali Grace: The Second Child--The "wild one", daring, not afraid of anything, loud, attention seeking, dramatic, and a little too distracted by getting into everything to care about routine or structure.
This picture could have been taken at any of the meals that we eat each day. Ali makes a mess of anything she can at the table and loves it! And she doesn't do any of it just a little bit--she's all or nothing!

The funniest thing about the personalities of Jack and Ali Grace is that they are so similar to my sister and I when we were little. I was the scaredy cat that wouldn't stay at school without Mom, wouldn't climb on the monkey bars, who went to our aunt with a little smudge of mud on my arm complaining that "I'm dirty!!!", who always wanted to play it safe and have peace. I cried A LOT--like ridiculous amounts--until I was in middle or even high, school. Elizabeth was daring and brave! She climbed up trees, poles, ladders, and anything else that would stay still long enough. She would go out to play and come back covered from head to toe in mud carrying a lizard or minnow she had just caught, happy as can be!

Of course we changed a TON as we grew, and I am not a prissy 'fraidy cat now, and she's not a hardened adreneline junkie either. hahahaha. But it's very interesting to see our early personalities mirrored so much in my kids. But I know that they're going to turn out just fine--they're going to be wonderful people and wonderful friends! I would say I can't wait to see what they are like--but I know better--I can and will wait! I'm enjoying this stage and this day with them too much! Praise God for this day and these little ones!

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