April 6, 2010

Jack's Big Boy Bed

With the arrival of our new little one getting closer, Brian and I knew we had to get Jack a new bed and rearrange the cribs some. So a couple months ago we found some bed plans on Knockoff Wood and Brian got started. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he can build furniture, and that he loves to do it. He has built a few pieces for our house, and this one was going to be extra special because it was for Jack. It took a few weeks of working in his spare time, and some tweaking to the plans, but Brian really enjoyed it. He is quite the perfectionist when it comes to his carpentry, and he worked really hard filling seams and holes and getting it just right.

Jack received a mattress set and a comforter set for his birthday, so as soon as we got home from Jackson and his b-day party weekend Brian and Jack got to work setting up his new bed. Jack LOVES helping his Daddy with anything, but especially building. Brian let him hold up the rails, play with the drill, hold and use the screwdriver, and double-check all of the screws.

The bed has been a BIG HIT!!! Jack loves climbing into it and "sliding" out of it as he says. He sleeps really well in it, and likes playing in it too--and so does Ali Grace of course. Since this first completed photo we've moved the crib mattress and replaced it with another rail so our very active sleeper doesn't fall between the wall and bed; and we've put his new comforter set on. It all looks so cute--and BIG!

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Anonymous said...

Jack looks like such a "Big Boy" now and Ali looks very mischievous...

Nana and Papa