April 23, 2010


We haven't been doing very much lately (that I can write about yet anyway *wink wink*). We've been playing outside when Mommy is up to it, watching movies, playing with random stuff around the house, going to my Dr. appointments every week, and just hanging around.

The kids have been changing almost daily and getting so big! Ali Grace is so hilarious! She keeps us laughing with her mischevious personality, and now that Jack is so vocal he is hilarious with the things he comes out with!

A couple of weeks ago Jack and I were talking about the new baby coming, and right after that he made this playground "just for the new baby" as he said. So SWEET! He and Ali Grace had a blast with their new playground. I love how they play together now. A lot of it invloves chasing, hiding, and a TON of laughing! Hearing them really laugh at eachother is one of the best things about parenthood!

Here they are playing and laughing together.

My sister gave Ali this couch for Christmas and it's been fantastic! Both of the kids like sitting on it, and as you can see, Ali likes to lounge and watch Curious George in the mornings. Funny girl. And oh so lady-like.

Jack doing some crafts. His drawings and paintings are still just lines and circles and shapes that don't look much like anything, but he will tell you ALLLLL about what he's drawing in detail. It's so interesting to see his mind and abilities develop over time.

Last Thursday Jack started talking about marshmallows out of nowhere. He wanted some marshmallows BAD, so I told him that we could have some Friday night after we had our pizza night. Brian is such a sweet Daddy, and wanted to make it special, so he built a little fire so Jack could roast his first marshmallows. Jack was excited about the fire, and had a good time roasting his ONE marshmallow. And then he was done and wanted to play. It was cute and funny!

(Unrelated Sidenote: I've been making Pioneer Woman's Barbeque Chicken Pizza a lot lately and it is a HUGE HIT!!!! It's based on California Pizza Kitchen's recipe and is really easy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT as do Brian and the kids. It's on her site and it is INCREDIBLE!!!!!)

We all love to swing!

Jack has been getting used to not swinging in the baby swing. For some reason he really likes it. I think he feels really secure in it. He mostly swings in the glider thing now. Last week I was swinging he and Ali next to eachother and he fell off. He was fine, but it really upset him, and he reeeeeally wanted to get in the baby swing then, and pretty much never get on the glider again. But the next time we went out, he did get on the glider and did great. It's hard growing up, isn't it!

To update ya'll on the pregnancy, everything is going well. I'm going to the Dr. every week now and I'm almost 38 weeks--I think I'll be at 38 on Sunday or Monday. Two weeks ago when i was checked I was at 1 cm, and this past Wednesday I was a little over 1, so things are happening, just not fast at all! The baby is really low which is making things uncomfortable for me. Too much walking or sitting on the floor kills my back and legs after a while. But I'm trying not to complain and not to be too impatient. I can't decide whether I'm ready for the baby to come like NOW! or not. I guess it's a good thing that I have no control over it--Praise God for that! I'm so glad that He in all of His infinite wisdom knows exactly when this little one will be here, and everything else about him/her too! What a comfort! So the status is that I could go into labor at any time. My due date isn't for 2 weeks, and I don't think it'll take that long, but we'll see. I'm still getting the feeling that we're having a boy, if it is his name will be Bodin Mark--and I think we're going to try and call him Bodin, instead of Bo. If it's a girl her name will be Katherine Elizabeth--Kate.

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The Overstreets said...

Love the updates and especially the new baby's name if she's a girl. Such a beautiful name with a great ring to it. ;) Thinking about you as y'all get close to welcoming him/her.