August 25, 2008

Baby Chisholm Update

36 weeks!!!!

I went to the doctor again today--I can't believe I'm already going once a week! The doctor listened to the baby's heart beat and she said that she can still hear the irregularity, but it's very faint, and not as regular as it was. She also said that if she didn't know to listen for it, that she wouldn't have even noticed! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for all of your prayers for our little one and for us!
The doctor also said that the baby is really low and still head down, it must be huge! because I'm having trouble breathing at times when it is high and under my ribs! Everybody that sees me says I look like I'm about to pop and that I'm not going to make it until the 16th. We'll see!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great News. Can't wait to see baby Chisholm.
Thank you God!

Nana and Papa

The Wallins said...

I was SO hoping you'd have updated baby Chisholm pictures! Yay!!! I for one can't wait for you to go into labor--I'm dying to know what you're going to have! You look radiant and I agree with your friends that you may not make it until Sept. 16! We think about you often and are praying for a healthy baby and safe delivery!