August 18, 2008

Our Little Man

I know I've said this a thousand times, but we are having so much fun with our little man! He is changing and learning so much lately! I think his vocabulary trippled over the last 2 weeks and he's doing all kinds of new stuff every day! Plus he looks more and more like a BOY every day too! CRAZY!

After mastering the signs for more and please he has moved on to saying them. The first few times he said "please" I turned into a pile of goo at his feet. After about the 10,000th time though, I'm not melting anymore, but it's still super cute! And now instead of saying "more" once he says, "moremoremoremoremore" over and over. At first I thought he was saying "mamamamamamama" and was very excited/touched that he'd say my name so many times, but NO, he wants MORE, not Mama! :) He also says, "bye" "uh-oh" "bup"--which means up--"off"--which he thinks means on (he'll bring us his shoes and say "off off off")--and he says dog, cat, fish, and does the sounds that some animals make. His favorite animal sound is the bug says "bzzzzzz".

Some of his favorite things to do now are playing with his house, golf clubs, truck, blocks, pots and pans, and coloring. He Looooooovvvvesss to color! And I love sitting on the floor with him and watching! He gets very into it! Sometimes he hands me a crayon and says "please please please" which means he wants me to draw something. So I've been drawing dogs, cats, balls, bugs, trees--all kinds of things. I love it! I can remember my Mom drawing things for us and telling us what they were and what they say and now I'm doing the same thing with my son! WoW! It's so amazing/crazy/sweet!

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